Simply line the eye & snap your
MoxieLash onto the Magnetic Eyeliner.

What is the MoxieLash Method?

It's our goal to make applying your lashes the easiest step in your beauty routine, which is why we created the MoxieLash Method. We wanted you to have a lash system that takes no longer than 10 seconds to give you the full, natural, and gorgeous lashes you've always dreamed of. The MoxieLash Method makes it easy to step up your lash game, period.

The Basics of the MoxieLash Method

We aren't into complicated, so, our MoxieLash Method is really simple. Just apply your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner along your lash line and then place your MoxieLash Lash Moods over freshly lined eyes. Boom. You're done!

Best MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner Application Tips

Keep your arms and hands steady by resting your elbow on a table as you apply your liner.


Apply your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner starting at the inner corner of your lash-line and working your way to the end. We recommend starting with a light layer first so you get the best look for your eye-shape. You can then add more to make your eyeliner thicker if you want.


Remember to apply your eyeshadow before applying your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner.

Best MoxieLash Magnetic Lash Mood Application Tips

Apply your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner along your lash line and let it dry for one minute.


Gently remove your MoxieLash Magnetic Lashes from the package and then place them as close to your lash bed as possible. Watch them immediately lock into place.


You can adjust your lashes as needed to get the correct placement. We highly recommend getting them as close to your lash line as possible so they blend seamlessly into your natural lashes.

Ready for fuller, natural lashes?